Little Gift Tags for You

I had planned to ring in the new month in style.* I wanted to have my mantle decorated all merry-like and share the happy pictures. However, yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones. The kind of day that really should just be spent napping, snacking, and watching old movies. But I ignored the day's obvious destiny, and mistakenly got out of bed. Bad move. Every little thing went wrong, the culmination of which was when the fully decorated mantle came crashing to the tile floor. There wasn't even any cussing left in me by that point. I just sighed, drooped my shoulders, and began cleaning up all the very many tiny bits of shattered glass. I know, pitiful. 

But today is new day! And I have a feeling its gonna be a good one. The fact that the sun is shining beautifully is icing on what's sure to be good-day cake. And what better way to celebrate a good day than with presents? And you're surely gonna need some adorable gift tags for those presents, 
so here you go. . .

I like to print them on adhesive paper so I can use them like stickers.

I hope none of you are having one of  those days. 
And if you are, I hope tomorrow is better.

*If you wanna make God laugh, tell Him your plans.


  1. Oh no!! "Those days" are frightful when they roll around. Hopefully that filled your "those days" quota for a long time!

    Thank you for these gift tags, they are marvelous!!

  2. ...Gosh Jo, that sounds horrible! Thank goodness you weren't hurt. I now surrender when those kinds of days come along. I used to fight and gnash my teeth at bad days to try and make 'em good and productive. Not anymore. I fly the white flag, take a nap and order out. *giggle*

    ..."The fact that the sun is shining beautifully is icing on what's sure to be good-day cake." - I love cake. :o)

    ...Thank you for the gift tags! They're so like you - simply mahvelous! ;o)


  3. gosh, what a bad day for sure! when i read your post my heart sank for you. So the sun is out today! It's out at my house today too! I live in Hillsboro :) my plans are to finish quilting one more quilt top, then get outside and hang some lights! My husband is home early so he can assist! Yay for Oregon SUN!!

    thank you for sharing your talent and your wonderful tags!

  4. So sorry about the crash. Awful. :(
    The tags are fabulous; you're generous to share them. Your work amazes me...keep it coming!

  5. So gorgeous...my daughters and I love your work! Here's to fantastic days ahead...

  6. Ohhhhh! I had one of those last Tuesday (before Thanksgiving) & I did NOT handle it well. I won't go there except to say I was ONE. BIG. GRUMP.! But my grump persona doesn't tend to last long and I suspect yours doesn't either! So dust your sweet lil' Jo self off & hold out your hands. I'm going to dump a big old load of HAPPY into them! THANK YOU for those darling tags! You are a SWEETHEART!

  7. Sorry to hear that you had one of those days. Hope stays gone! I've been breaking things like crazy lately, for some strange reason. Not today, though (knock on wood) ;) Thank You ever so much for sharing your stunning tags. I love your work so much.

  8. Thanks heaps for the giftcards. I love them :)

  9. These are great! I hope you don't mind I'm going to feature them on my blog!

  10. These tags are awesome! Different (in the most wonderful way) than the usual stuff you see everywhere. Thank you so much for sharing your Art with us! These are tags I will use next year. *sigh* Next year, because I just found your neato blog yesterday :D

    Thank you again for your generosity and spirit!

  11. erg I hate when you type a post and it disappears, lol!

    Thank you so much for sharing your Art with us! These tags are neato and so different (in the most wonderful way) than tags everywhere else.

    Yes, sometimes I'm greedy, any chance of having these without the text on them so I can make coordinating ornaments for me tree as well gift tags?

    These are awesome! I'd be happy to paaaaay for them :) Seriously. They're that cool.


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