It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

It's looking mighty holly and jolly, merry and bright, joyful and triumphant around here.

Our tree is still naked though. Apparently my lights were having their own party whilst tucked away in their box because most of them have somehow managed to burn themselves out. Curious.

Hope you're all having a joy-full day. 
Or at least a day that contains a little bit of joy.
If not, here, you can have some of mine.
(It's the kind of thing that gets bigger as you give it away.)


  1. Love the colours, Iam not allowed decs up until Saturday. xxx

  2. Wonderful decorations, love the red and greens.


  3. How could anyone NOT be joyful after visiting here? I'm pretty much always happy anyway, but you never fail to add LOTS to my happiness! Love the decorations! My eyes went straight to the little Santa in his sleigh where the reindeer are kind of jumping right OVER a bigger sitting Santa! CLEVER & ADORABLE! So fun and cheerful! I want to say thank you again for the great tags you shared with us! I printed & cut them out, & they went right onto the packages I'm mailing my daughter, grandchildren, & great grandchildren this morning! As for trees ... the LIGHTS were fine on mine, but I realized after it was up that I had to get a new TREE for next year (already did that) because mine was so old it was beginning to look as tho' Charlie Brown picked it out! LOL! Have a JOLLY day, lil' Jo! LOVE YOU!

  4. Love all your Christmas decorations. I see you like Santas. I do too!
    Please stop by my blog and have a look at some of my photos of Christmas around my Home. :)
    Please leave a comment if you can.

  5. now THIS I love.
    So many same old same old all over the Net. But THIS one makes me smile and feel Happy!


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