Today's Table (In the Works)

It's looking mighty buggy on the table today.
There's a bat, an alligator, and donkey in there too.

Zoee Bug is sold out now. . .

. . .and so is her friend Zora.

I'm still happy to make them similar-but-different for you, with changes in coloring. (I think they'd look especially merry with peppermint-striped horns.) I always like it when people request color changes to existing designs, then I get to see what they'd look like too. And sometimes I get to do 
something I'd not normally do (like use purple).

We've had company for the past week, and amidst existing orders and general merriment have been too busy to finish any new designs. We do have some in the works though. Speaking of which, I'd better get back to it. I tried leaving everything out on the table last night, all Elves and the Shoemaker like, but they were still all here in varying states of undoneness when I got up this morning.
I guess elves don't like mince meat pie any more than I do.


  1. ...Ooo, I see them! :o)

    ...Love the lil' circle of legs to the left. For some odd reason I thought of legs all around a clock face and you could name the clock, "Running Out O' Time"...*giggle*snort* Get it? Legs? Clock? "Running" out of time? Oh you had to be here...hee,hee,hee :o)

    ...Dadgum Elves! They're getting pickier and pickier as the years go by. ;o)

    ...Enjoy your weekend!


  2. There is something so wonderfully calming about your work. Something that I just can find words to describe. You are truly blessed. Hugs, Morena

  3. Well! The unmitigated GALL of those little slackers! Surely those are Santa's REJECT elves! But maybe it's just that they KNOW no one else - including elves - could make the wonderful things YOU do, and they simply didn't DARE try! You'll get it all done, lil' Sweety! But remember to take time for yourself, too! LOVE YOU!

  4. Zoee and Zora - Love these gals!


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