Tuesday's Artist: APAK

In order to keep my creative tank chugging along I like to fill it with all sorts of visual fuel. This "Tuesday's Artist" thing is my way of sharing some of the artists that inspire and delight me. I asked them to do a little finish-this-sentence sort of mini-interview so we might get to know them a little better.

 This week's spotlight is shining on APAK. Husband and wife, Aaron Piland and Ayumi Kajikawa Piland make up APAK. And you know I love a  husband-and-wife art team! Working here in Portland, they create rich and colorful paintings featuring the Utopian lives and adventures of curious little beings living in fantastic environments. Tiny creatures, imagined forest-scapes, camping. . .what's not to love?
Ayumi says:
If I wasn't an artist maybe I'd be. . .
a sea turtle. 
Today, I'm listening to the sound of my baby snoozing.
I'm really good at relaxing in the bath.
I'd like to be better at walking and riding a bike.

When I was a kid I was smarter...

I hate it when I open a bad avocado.
My workspace is comfortably messy.
Right now, I'm really into making my 5-month-old son laugh.
I hope that our art makes you smile :)

You can see more of APAK's charming art on their website or in their Etsy shop.


  1. I love their artwork. I love their answers. I'm off to check out their sites. Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  2. Absolutely CHARMING! That's the kind of art I love best - colorful in a not-too-blaring way, filled with whimsical bits, and sweet in a very interesting way! Going to visit them FOR SURE! Love ya', Jo! And I re-mailed the envelope to you yesterday morning - THIS time to the correct address. Duh!


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