Today's Table(s)

Getting ready to stain a bunch of stuff to be finished over the next couple of days.
I keep a stack of paper bowls next to my worktable. They come in handy for all sorts of things. Mostly I use them to keep little bits and pieces organized and not lost. And I think they look yummy in their little bowls.
The in-progress stuff has taken over a second table too.
Don't even get me started on the buckets of UnFinished Objects that are lurking in the sidelines! It's getting a little silly. And then there's the trunk of unfinished quilts that keeps calling my name. Well, they're just gonna have to wait because all things Halloweeny will be monopolizing my attention for the next couple of months.


  1. The lil' bowls look so cute with all your goodies in them! Smart idea, too! I need to STEAL that one! I always have things rolling away over here & escaping off my craft table! And have I told you lately that you are just about the MOST productive person I know? HUGS to you, lil' Jo! Also to Dylan!

  2. What a cute avatar, Jo! And what fun critters you make! I'm really glad I found your blog today!

  3. Jo I just read that you'll be at the Country Living fair in GA in October! So pleased I'll finally get to meet you - I've followed you for so many years. Can't wait to see your creations in person!


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