Tentacles, Skelly Heads, and Wee Dollies

Here's what's on the drying rack today-
And a tiny peek at my pink-polka-dotted tootsies. 
My hands are all arty scruffiness, but my toes are super girly.

Been doing some sculpting. Got a bunch of smiling skelly heads in the works. (Yes, I know that skulls don't have noses, but I'm a rebel like that.) Trying out a new technique of building up the paperclay over a roughly-carved wooden armature. I think it's gonna work out nicely. I'm hoping to get our tentacled beastie done today. I really like how he's turning out so far.


  1. The squid head is AWESOME!!!

  2. Everything looks awesome! And I do that too - nail polish doesn't stand a chance on my finger nails but on my toes I can whatever I like. :)

  3. It looks great! Looking forward to see the finished skellies... and giving them noses is a prerogative as an artist for sure. :-D

  4. Anonymous7/26/2011

    you are amazing and inspiring!

  5. Gotta LOVE that cool squid!!!! AND the hands! I feel a severed look in the works, right? A little blood & gore? LOL! The skellies are BRILLIANT! You know I'll be back to check out the progress on everything! HUGS!!!!

  6. Beautiful!! I'm charmed by the little man with his tie & suspenders!!!
    Hope your day is spectacular!!


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