Something-New Sunday

Grrrr. . .

Finally, Wolfgang von Biggenbad is all done! After much delay, he's in the shop now.
He's an insufferable flirt with perpetual dog breath, 
but he has his sweet qualities as well.
Hope you like him.

We've made a resolution here on The Cart to have at least one something new to offer every Sunday. Starting today, let's see how many Sunday's in a row we can meet our self-imposed goal. 


  1. Lycanthrope's delight....utterly!

  2. LOL! Jo, he's wonderful! I think naughty canines are pretty cool! (As long as they are naughty PAPER canines! HAHA!)

  3. ...Oooo, I love him! The dog breath? Mmm, not so much... ;o)

    ...Self imposed goal. I like the sound of that. I'm good at delegating them on myself but not so good at keeping 'em. Kinda sad isn't it? *giggle*shrug* :o)

    ...I see Dylan now has his own blog too? Goin' to check it out...

    ...Blessings :o)

  4. Wow, Andrew has mentioned you for years, and I can't believe I've never actually seen any of your work. It's amazing! I'm so glad that you have the paper dolls as part of the collection--not only something almost anyone can afford, but also so play-with-it-able!

  5. wonderful as always! xo

  6. Your work never ceases to amaze... x

  7. Very dapper! Very smooooth dresser! GGrrrreat.

  8. Чуть не пропустила новые работы!!! Обожаю Ваше творчество!!! Заходите и Вы ко мне в гости))))


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