Tuesday's Artist: Elizabeth Frank

In order to keep my creative tank chugging along I like to fill it with all sorts of visual fuel. This "Tuesday's Artist" thing is my way of sharing some of the artists that inspire and delight me. I asked them to do a finish-this-sentence sort of mini-interview so we might get to know them a little better. 
This week's spotlight is shining on Elizabeth Frank. Most of her artworks are carved from fallen aspen that she gathers in the mountains of Northern Arizona and New Mexico. She combines the carved wood with an assortment of other reclaimed materials. I love her folky, quirky, colorful creations.

Lady of Wildflowers
She says:
If I wasn't an artist maybe I'd be an archaeologist.
Today, I'm listening to Pandora Radio. Coldplay is playing now.
Monster Heads
I'm really good at standing on my head.
I'd like to be better at speaking Spanish.
Tiny Red Bunny Monster
When I was a kid I was the artist in the class
I hate it when the hollyhocks are finished blooming.
Tin Can Angel
My workspace is sawdust heaven.
Right now, I'm really into making a sculpture holding a giant magic book.
Man and Universe
I hope that my art touches someone’s heart, or bends someone’s brain or makes someone smile!

You can see more of Elizabeth Frank on her website, her blog, or her Etsy shop.


  1. Oh, GOSH! Aren't these WONDERFUL!!! I'm going to visit her blog, etc. as soon as I post this comment! Thanks, Jo, for the introduction to this lovely artist!

  2. I hope some day I can be free enough to make wonderful things I think of without wondering if someone will buy it...the money thing sure ruins the fun of creating...this artist seems so free...

  3. They're beautiful! Off to check out her blog...

  4. I too love Elizabeth's work...it's wonderful!! I am bilingual and around here, it's very necessary...it's unusual to hear English in the stores these days.

    When I lived in Germany, I began watching German tv and from that I learned the language somewhat. When I left, I understood most of it, could speak some, but now, after 34 years, I've lost it...if you don't use it, ya lose it!! LOL

    Have a great day.

  5. Thanks for sharing this fun pictures!


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