Today's Table (In the Works)

Here's who's waiting to be finished today-

I don't like this all-by-myself thing.
Probably why all of this week's creations have companions
(even if it's just an extra head).


  1. These are so pretty! :) I love the wheelies!

  2. ..."Probably why all of this week's creations have companions
    (even if it's just an extra head)." *giggle*snort* :o)

    ...The butterfly wings are gorgeous! And, well, that wolf on wheels is just plain [singing the word] awesome! ;o)

    ...They'll be home soon - just hang in there... :o)


  3. I bet they are Missing you too...

    BTW "Great Stuff!!"

  4. Wolf On Wheels! Everyone needs a Wolf On Wheels, don't ja think? I do!

    Wonderful wolf-on-wheels will work his whiles on us.
    Wonderful wolf-on-wheels will wow us with his wheelies!
    Wonderful wolf-on-wheels works really well with wandering red-hooded waif.
    Wonderful wolf-on-wheels wants to wove you well.

    All right! I will give it up.

    Little Red is on lucky little lass to have such a wonderful companion.

  5. You MUST have read my mind & it scared you! LOL! I kept checking your blog & decided if I didn't see a post I would ... EMAIL you ... EEEEEEKS! Now aren't you GLAD you avoided my silliness? Actually, I was thinking you may be feeling a little bit 'alone'! But Dylan and Boy Child will be home before you know it, sweet girl! In the meantime, we're all here for you! LOVE YOU! And you KNOW I love your new pretties!

  6. Oooh, I love the one holding the skellies. But then, I would. :) I think it's harder to be home alone than it is to go somewhere else by yourself. I'm not sure that made any sense. I hope everyone gets back soon! xox Pam


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