Sock Monkey Make-Over

Had a rare day off yesterday! It was a lovely day spent hanging out with my brother and sis-in-law (two of my favorite people in the whole world). First we went to the movies (something none of us had done in at least a year) and saw Super 8. We all really enjoyed it. Even had popcorn and soda. And, very happily,  there was no one making noise in the theater to ruin it for the rest (woohoo!).  Then we had take-out dinner and spent the evening chatting away. 

Also, I gave my sock monkey a make-over. Now he has teeth, which he's reasonably happy about. He never gets terribly happy because he's overall a very grumpy monkey.

Hope you're all enjoying a day off, 
or at least the anticipation of having one.


  1. ...You know, I always silently wondered, "does she ever take a day off?" So glad to hear you do! You deserve it that is for sure. :o)

    ...Love the Sock Monkey's new look - very folky! ;o)


  2. Wooohoooo! Three cheers for a well-earned & much-deserved day off! And I sooooo love Sock Monkey - with AND without teeth! (LOL! You are WAY too darned cute!) Hugs!

  3. You know I like him better WITH teeth for sure! And the buttons :) Cute!

  4. Такие интересные и забавные обезьянки получились! Очень нравится!!!


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