F is for Finnegan the Fishing Fox
The latest in our ongoing Alphabet Series is up! You can see more of him here.

Any time I'm designing something new I like to start by inundating myself with visual imagery.
 I always enjoy seeing different artists' interpretations of the same subject matter.
Here are some more foxy foxes to look at-

Wouldn't you just love to have a big bushy fox tail?
Maybe it's just me.


  1. You found a lovely selection of artistic foxes! And yes a bushy fox tail would be lovely to have, especially when my nose is cold.

  2. Love the new letter piece. I love doing pieces with alphabets, fun way to do stitcheries too.


  3. Здравствуйте! Очень нравятся лисьи глаза! Почему-то совсем не хитрые:)

  4. Jo and Dylan, you are killing me ! this is surely my favourite !

  5. I'm a HUGE fox fan! My younger sister's name (we were ALL named by our grandfather, a healing man and the name giver for our family) was Shoshobi. It MEANS Fox Child. LOVE your fox! And, yes! I'd LOVE a big bushy fox tail! It would be so much more attractive than what I have - just a big butt! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. I would love to have a house full of fox art. However, my daughter is terrified of them. Nightmares! Just a glimpse of a fox in a book can set off another nightmare. I'm not too fond of a real fox (I used to live among them). Finnegan is absolutely stunning.


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