Love Notes

All this Valentiney stuff that has taken over the studio has me thinking about love notes. Remember those? You know, before e-mail?  Here are some faves I found in Etsyland-

I loved Valentine's Day as a kid.  We'd all bring those cheesy cards to school, chock full of pun-tacular goodness. 

And if you were really lucky you might just get some of these-
 I think I'll go make a mailbox out of a milk carton now,
just in case.


  1. I loved getting Valentines, and my kids have loved it, too (even the boys who really didn't want to admit it, but carefully filled out a card for each of their classmates). It's a sweet holiday, and I love those puns!

  2. Sweet-sweet love and affection.
    So very nice.

  3. What lovely memories, those cards!

  4. what a 'sweet' post !!!!
    thank you
    and HAPPY Valentine's Day to YOU

  5. Oh...these vintage Valentine images sooo bring back memories of our grade school valentine swaps. Thanks for sharing them!!


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