More Merriment

This week really got away from me! Mostly I've been hiding in the studio, working away. But I was able to take enough time to finish making the homestead look merry and bright. Now our living room smells like a  fairy tale forest. Tuzy (aka Tuesday the Wonder Fluff aka Mr. Fluffernuts) approves.

AND I managed to finish the triangles! Here's what I was making-
I love them! I made the green and red strands separately so I could use them for future decorating frivolities. That is, if I can ever bring myself to take them down.
If you look to the right of that bottom picture you can see a peek of one of my darling little sis-in-law's prints. I have several of them and they are wonderful.
OK, back to the studio for me.

Hope you're all feeling
the spirit of the season.


  1. Your house looks so festive, & the tree is gorgeous! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DOG!!!! And, as much as I love the banners, you KNOW I had to be bad & grin because, thanks to your prior post, I will forever think of them as the Bastards Banner! LOL!

  2. Oh Sweetie...
    Everything, just everything looks so festive. I love, love the triangles, and I think I am in agreeance with you, I would leave them up. They will look festive year round, there are such an assortment of colors. It is you. I love it.

    Tuzy looks beautiful and yes he seems to be saying, are we done yet Mom? He is so pretty and fluffy. The tree looks gorgeous, and I love the ornaments of paper. How pretty they are. Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

    Have a gorgeous Wednesday. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Loving it all Jo! The banner rocks! I also love the quirky buttons on the top of your curtains, your dog is lush!!! Merry and bright for sure!

  4. the flags look great! very inspiring!

  5. Those Pointy Bastards came up a veritable treat...

  6. I love the decor! Your dog is beautiful too!!!

  7. Your tree looks great! No tree is complete without a pup to enjoy it in my opinion! And I absolutely LOVE your banners!

  8. First thing I notice were the buttons on your curtains. I love them! Your are brilliant.

    And the triangles, bastard or otherwise, are fabulous!

    A very merry Christmas at the Cart!

  9. I have only just started my Christmas shopping list let alone anything else.. You must be 'Wonder Woman'. I'm so impressed.


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