Monday's Table and Things with Wings

The first order of busines on this lovely Monday morning is to put the finishing details on the goodies that will go out today. They're mostly done, just needing signatures and an eyeball here or there.

I always think they're so adorable all lined up and reading to ship. Getting the little imps to pose all nice and neat in rows was no easy task. There were bribes of lollipops and salmon (some of them have sophisticated tastes).
All these little sweeties are already heading off to their new homes, but there are plenty more things with wings (among other things) available now from the website or our Etsy shop.
And just for the fun of it, this week only,
mention this post and get 20% off
any winged thing (if you buy through the website).
Just tell Dylan what you want (DylanCurry@msn.com)
and he'll send you an invoice with the discounted price.

Hope your day has wings!


  1. It just makes me SMILE seeing all your new pretties! You and Dylan are wonders, you are! (And salmon, huh? Heehee! Beware! Next it will be T-bone steak Baked Alaska!)

  2. Seeing Monday's table...just makes me happy!

  3. Pretty maidens all in a row..

    Hi Jo these are all looking wonderful..

    'Alice' is in the draw.. pop over if you have the time ...

  4. Too lovely for words!!!


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