WIP's and Bunny Tails

It's looking mighty Springtimey on Tuesday's table-
There are a couple of merpeople hiding under those big flower petals that are just too odd to reveal before completion. And even then. . .What can I say? I like odd.
Speaking of Spring,
I had to share my very favorite bunnies with you-
Aren't they just the cutest things?
I made the one in the middle, and my kidlettes made the other 2 when they were little. There is just something about a rabbit tail that turns me into a high-pitched girly-girl.


  1. Holy carrots, Lil' Jo Cottontail! You all MADE those? I thought the green one looked like alabaster & the other two were maybe marble or???! VERY ARTISTIC FAMILY! (And who could resist a soft, fuzzy bunny tail?) Love your new works-in-progress!

  2. Yeah, I love bunnies!

  3. Love the family of bunnies made by family.

    There's not much in this world that makes me say "awwwwwwwwww", but bunnies are one (many) of those things.

  4. love them 3 equally!!!


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