Finished some color variations on a couple of favorites today.
Now Amanita has two new family members, Ada and Amelia.
Darwin and Darcie became quick friends too.

I did other stuff today too. Like dinner. OK so I do dinner everyday, but today the whole family was here at the same time (a rarity lately). It's always nice interesting to sit down with the whole Cartload of silliness that is my husband and offspring. We even sat down to a movie together. Dylan picked the movie; it was lame; the kids wandered off. They're teenagers and have the attention span of. . .well, teenagers. sigh. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


  1. Beautiful, as usual. I love the button mushroom caps.

    Why do men pick lame movies? I've pondered that question for the 20 years that I've been married.

  2. love the mushrooms,
    love the way you write,
    love it all

  3. Your new color additions are terrific! As for your new creations - well, you already KNOW I think everything you make should win awards! Men and movies? BWAHAHAHAHAHA! 'Nuff said! But I'm glad you and your family had fun together!

  4. Ich mag Deine Sachen einfach sooo gern, Besonders auch diese Fliegenpilzchen. Ganz bezaubernd.

  5. Love the new Shrooms and fishies!
    As endearing as ever!

  6. Oooh! love these mush-folk!

  7. We have two sons at home, 19 and 24.
    Our last "family time" with all of us together was a Saturday night, or was it Sunday Morning from about 1am to 3am when I finally collapsed. they had gotten home from being out with their friends,and sat around for a couple of hours with their parents watching silly cable TV shows together.

  8. I LOVE it when my 'kids' are all home together...mostly at the holidays! Unfortunately, they do grow up and find other interests so you cherish the small bit of time you have with them!
    LOVE the new looks!!-

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